Automatic Electric Head Lice Comb

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Kill head lice and eggs fast, easily and effectively using an innovative system

Benefits: 👇

✔️ Nano-bind Teeth use positive ions to detach ALL eggs and lice.
✔️ Vacuum pulls and filters all debris into a confided pouch.
✔️ UV Light easily views all captured lice and eggs.
✔️ Removes eggs and nits
✔️ Does not pull hair out.
✔️ Can be used on wet hair.
✔️ Energy saver

    Additional benefits: 👇 

    ✔️ 100% Chemical and Pesticide Free. 
    ✔️ Safe and stress free with no smelly pesticides, great for children.
    ✔️ It won't damage your lungs like the chemical alternatives.
    ✔️ Reduces risk of lice returning by 86%
    ✔️ Removes and eliminates ALL traces of lice.
    ✔️ Works on any type of hair
    ✔️Can even be used in pets

      Automatic head lice eliminator 

      Lice aren’t just for children

      Package Includes: 

      ☑️ 1 x LiceTex™ - Chemical Free
      ☑️ 3 x Filters Pouches 
      ☑️ 1 x User Manual

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