Decompression Therapy Back Brace for Instant Back Pain Relief

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Ultimate All in One Back Brace Support, Physio Decompression Belt, Back Pain Relief, Backache Heat Therapy and Massage Therapy.  

The decompression therapy back brace is widely recommended to solve multiple pain points attributed to back pain and poor posture.  It's innovative technology  makes it easy to very easy to use and super effective. Why haven't you got one yet?

Benefits: 👇

✔️ Relieve Spinal Compression
✔️ Instantly Alleviate Back Pain
✔️ Improve Posture 
✔️ Stabilize your Spine and Muscles
✔️ Professional Back Decompression Device Used by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors
✔️ Reduces Pain and Discomfort from regular back problems
✔️ Relieves Pressure off Pinched Nerves.
Spinal Decompression Back Brace

 👇 Instant Posture Correction 👇

Posture Correction


✔️ How Does It Work? What are the Health Benefits? ✔️

- The belt instantly decompresses the lower back joints and spinal Discs.

- It Stretches and Retracts the lower back when filled with air.

- This relieves pressure off pinched nerves, degenerative, herniated, and bulging discs.  When this happens it allows the problematic areas to get more water, oxygen and nutrients it requires  for faster healing thus allowing the damaged discs to return to their normal position.  

- For those suffering with constant sciatic nerve pain, this reduces the constriction on pinched nerves tremendously. 

- The belt increases to 4 inches when inflated keeping your upper body weight off the lower back.

disc space

- This helps stabilize the lower back and improve posture. Stronger support and stabilization of your lower back prevents more problems going forward.

- The real health benefits are physical and mental.  Strengthening your back and core along with pain relief allows you to continue doing the things you love and have avoided for a while.  The more you engage your core and back the longer you can maintain it.

- Stretching has always been a part of back pain relief. However many of us cannot get into a regular stretching routine. The back decompression belt does the stretching for us. It gently pushes down on the hip an up on the lower rib to stretch the lower back muscles.  It can also help increase your range of motion and flexibility.  

Back decompression

Back Belt


Length of traction belt: 118cm(46.45 inch)
Length  of extension belt: 24.5cm(9.64 inch)

Package Includes: 

☑️ 1x belt

☑️ 1x extension belt

☑️ 1x pump

☑️ 1x storage package

☑️ 1x English manual

☑️ 1x packge box

☑️ 1x USB line


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